[Bards] Bardic Sympoisium--- Instructors wanted

Cathy Polakoff cathy.polakoff at comcast.net
Tue May 3 13:03:41 PDT 2005

I cannot be certain at this time if I will be able to make the trip, but as 
it gets a little closer I will let you know. If I am able to make it, I 
would be willing to teach a class in the Triolet and Villanelle poetry 
forms. Hopefully by Warlord I will know if I can do this or not, and will 
try to let you know by then. In the meantime, keep me in mind for a 
tentative class.

In Service,
Ly. Anna bat Chaim

At 08:27 AM 5/3/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>Greetings and Salutations to all
>Ansteorran  Bards, Poets, Skalds, Storytellers, Musicians, Jesters and 
>Now that the hustle and bustle of war has passed. I again call out for 
>The Shire of Crossroads keep in Big Springs Texas has graciously offered 
>to host a Bardic Symposium
>as part of their event Sundered Shield to be held July 22-24th
>Wow a place to gather and perform and an audience.
>Just what a Bards, musicians, poets, skalds , Jesters, storytellers  and 
>players need.
>We have been offered a place to gather, teach and play. To showcase our 
>talent, share our knowledge with others,
>  a place to let our art shine and teach others to Shine.
>  This is a great opportunity to promote our art in the Western region. It 
> has been my privilege to perform
>many times in the Western region and each time I have been spoiled rotten.
>Crossroads Keeps hospitality to bards is a wonderful thing,  something 
>every bard should experience for themselves.
>And now you have the opportunity. If you have a class  to teach, a play to 
>act, talent to showcase
>this is the opportunity you have been looking for, and your participation 
>will be greatly appreciated as well.
>I have been gifted with the wonderful privilege of coordinating this 
>Bardic Symposium,
>and ask for you my friends to join me.
>I  plan on having  the tentative class and performing schedule for the 
>symposium put together by the
>end of  Steppes Warlord and the finalized schedule by June 15th.
>So if you want to be a part of the Bardic Symposium  or help with in 
>putting it on, please contact me at
><mailto:simonemu at gmail.com>simonemu at gmail.com or via my cell at 
>254-485-1620 soon.
>Also If you are already on my list please confirm with me by June 15th
>I look forward to hearing from many of you
>Simone Ui'Dunlaingh
>Good Orderly Direction:
>is the thought or Idea;
>Which is not based on Ego.
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