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Tue Sep 20 13:32:13 PDT 2005

Well the time has come and starting friday night at Elfsea Defender the game is on!!! 
All participants must get a blue and white bag to hold your bard stones in from I, Xian Xue, or Yagyu-Sama (Seek out those who are Miscreants and you shall find us)
All members of the populace will be given tokens called Bard Stones to award to competing bards.
Participants will then proceed to travel the sight on a quest to entertain and gain the favor of the Populace by earning Bard Stones.
At midnight on Saturday night, all bags will be collected by us, counted, and the first Firewalker will be announced!!!
We will try to have someone near Troll at all times and we will work hard to at least make ourselves accessable
We have worked hard to make this First Competition of the Firewalkers fun for all and we look forward to bigger better things.  
Unfortunately, due to a lack of fundage we are still without additional largess to award to our participants.  
If anyone out there would like to help support your local Firewalkers, you may call (817)249-3432 and we will be accepting donations of any additional largess you might wish to offer at the Defender sight.
Thank you all for helping us bring a bit of our Dream to life, 
Xian Xue
Titled bard of Elfsea
Miscreant At Large

Always in service to you all
and The Dream,
-Xian Xue-
-Titled Bard of Elfsea-
-Miscreant at Large-

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