[Bards] Bardic and Performing Arts

Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Tue Apr 11 17:15:02 PDT 2006

On Tuesday, April 11, 2006, at 06:13 PM, <muriel at entelesoft.com> wrote:

> And if any Bard with a capital B, such as my lord Finnacan, should 
> happen by
> and say, "Those vikings in that song might sound romantic and heroic, 
> but
> let me tell you what they are really like!" and sing us a song or tell 
> us a
> story, we'd happily give way.  For at least one round :).
"...Bard with a capital B"?
Good grief, I've become an archtype. Time to consider a court dancing 
protestant English persona. Nigel Wiggington? Rodney Fippleworth? Eh, 
I'll work on it.

  That aside, it's great that you two sing where you sit, no matter 
where you are, and it is appreciated by most everyone I know 
(Personally, I think you two are way too free with your talents. At 
least demand a drink or a meal. The price is right).
  I love that you guys just sit and sing, and encourage others to do so. 
Storytellers can't do that, just sit down and start telling stories to 
ourselves. Well, we can, but it leads to concerned queries regarding 
our mental health.
  The "Just do it" attitude is great. I completely support that line of 
thinking, but I think it is just the beginning of what Ansteorran 
performers need to consider when opening a dialogue with the larger A&S 

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