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Hello list,  Those of you who know me, will not be surprised at me replying 
to this one.  I sing all the time, everywhere, by the field, at feast, in 
the privy, and I love to sing with my family and Household, (in harmony), 
and anyone else who wants to join in. I love spontaneous bard circles! I 
don't know if I am a bard with a capital "B", I am a former landed Noble, 
and I encourage bardic whenever and wherever. Oh and BTW, circle at my camp 
at Bordermarch Baronial, y'all come.  AmberLea
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> Greetings!
> I'm on this list merely to glean wisdom from those more wise than myself.
> But I'd like to mention a method of encouraging bardic that those of us
> less, well, bard-y can participate in.  My sister Danielle and I like to
> sing together for fun and to amuse ourselves.  We've gone through what I'm
> sure you all know is quite a bit of trouble to actually find songs to 
> learn.
> But we aren't necessarily out to be Bards with a capital B with these 
> songs.
> Dani writes her own and I'm just totally apathetic about performing.
> However, we like to sit places and sing - together.  We went to a ren 
> faire
> and helped attract customers to a new Kettle Corn booth by just sitting
> outside and singing.  We did the same at the A & S tent at Norman's 
> Medieval
> Fair.  And we do it just about everywhere we go.  We encourage other 
> people
> to join us.  We try to teach songs anytime we can just so other people can
> have fun with us.
> This kind of barding is great for teaching songs and encouraging a 
> potential
> future Bard of Ansteorra who just doesn't know where to start.  It can
> happen at Troll, while watching the list, and even at feast if we get 
> enough
> people singing at our table (and don't interrupt anything else going on).
> Start one up whereever you are.  And if no one around knows any songs, 
> teach
> them!
> At least in our area, the idea of "Everybody sing!" isn't practiced much.
> But we're doing it and it's fun!
> And if any Bard with a capital B, such as my lord Finnacan, should happen 
> by
> and say, "Those vikings in that song might sound romantic and heroic, but
> let me tell you what they are really like!" and sing us a song or tell us 
> a
> story, we'd happily give way.  For at least one round :).
> Also, if any of you hear us singing Baron of Eastmarch for the 30th time,
> *please* teach us a new song!
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