[Bards] Question on venues

Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Thu Apr 27 16:58:50 PDT 2006

I'm gonna summarize my stance on this by breaking away from the list 
below a little, but not completely.

I think individual vocal performance should be the format for the 
Kingdom Bard.
I think musicians, dancers, actors and groups thereof, troupes, bands, 
and choirs, should be able to compete for Royal Courtier or something. 
Give them their own kingdom competition and responsibilities to the 
Same goes for puppeteers, magician's, jesters and acrobats. Offer them 
a chance to be the Royal Gleeman/Reveler/Jongleur, what have you.
The same person could compete in all three if they wish. I might try 
for Kingdom Bard, act the fool for Jongleur and jump in as an actor for 
Granted, If I actually was lucky enough to land on of those, I'd 
refrain from the others, but that's me.

If I'm offered only the list below, I feel 1-5 is appropriate for 
Eisteddfod on one condition; An instrument is allowed only if played as 
a part of a vocal performance. I would never dream of disallowing a 
welsh bardagh the chance to recite poetry will playing a harp, or a 
spanish noble the chance to strum his guitar will singing.
I believe Eisteddfod should be for the classic SCA bards and skalds. I 
also believe the other groups need support and I want to see them 
getting the same respect and appreciation.

Yeah, I'm sticking with the "Finnacan Model" of performance.

As for the venues, I can see interkingdom and Kingdom A&S having the 
same standards and defining boundaries as Eisteddfod or the other 
'Royal' competitions, but when it comes to baronial or shire 
competitions or circles, let the locals do as they wish. If they see a 
new trend taking off that supports more performance, they are likely to 
support it, but with their own regional flair and traditions.
As for casual settings like feasts, camps and taverns, get up there and 
do what you think the audience wants. I'll gladly perform with 
practitioners of all three categories.

On Thursday, April 27, 2006, at 03:03 PM, John Hirling wrote:

> Here's a question on venues.  Assume with me the following categories 
> of materials: 
> 1. period (or "periodesque" -- composed in a period style) pieces
> 2. traditional (not able to be dated before ~1600) pieces
> 3. filk
> 4. SCA/Ansteorra subject matter
> 5. instrumental
> 6. other individual performance -- e.g. juggling, dance
> 7. ensemble performance -- e.g. plays, scenes, madrigal, dance
> What categories and in what order would you deem materials in those 
> categories appropriate for each of the following venues:
> Eisteddfod
> Other competition for/selection of a royal bard
> Title competitions
> Non-title competitions
> Interkingdom competitions
> Kingdom A&S
> Circles
> Taverns
> Fire walking
> Around the list field
> Feasts
> Stand alone (e.g.specifically set apart as part of an event)
> I think y'all will have fun with this one!
> ~ihon
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