[Bards] Question on venues

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Thu Apr 27 21:36:25 PDT 2006

Master Ihon wrote:
> Here's a question on venues.  Assume with me the following categories
> of materials:

I'm also assuming that by "Title Competitions" you mean Bardic
Competitions that carries a title for an SCA branch.  If it were not
limited to "Bardic" then naturally anything can carry a title at the
whim of the branch.

I'm assuming that by "traditional", you also mean something from before,
say, the 1960s.

I'm also assuming something "appropriate" to the venue might also get
frowned upon by some, depending on piece and presentation.  A period
song about rolling in the hay with a milkmaid might be frowned on by
some Crowns, and sung as a duet with others.

What would be a multiple choice survey in the SCA without an argument
about the choices?  Alright, not an argument... merely an extension.
I'm breaking 3)Filk into two catagories:  3a)Filk,Irreverent and
3b)Filk,Reverent.  The difference (to me) being that 3b) contains filks
of 1), 2), or 4) but done so in a manner that does not jar one back to
Mundania.  Like "Born on the ListField", which is a filk of a church
hymn (and falls in the SCA-specific category anyway).  An example of 3a)
would be "Drunken Circles".

*Eisteddfod -
     1)period, 4)SCA, 3b)filk,rev, 2)trad
*Other competition for/selection of a royal bard - 
     1)period, 3b)filk,rev, 4)SCA, 2)trad
*Title competitions - 
     1)period, 4)SCA, 3b)filk,rev, 2)trad
*Non-title competitions - 
     1)period, 3b)filk,rev, 4)SCA, 2)trad, 3a)filk,irr
*Interkingdom competitions - 
     1)period, 3b)filk,rev, 4)SCA, 2)trad, 3a)filk,irr
*Kingdom A&S - 
     1)period or period form (not sure if you mean bardic or all
performance arts)
*Circles - 
     3b)filk,rev, 4)SCA, 2)trad, 1)period, 3a)filk,irr, 5)instr
*Taverns - 
     5)instr, 1)period, 4)SCA, 3b)filk,rev, 2)trad, 6)dance/juggle,
*Fire walking - 
     3b)filk,rev, 4)SCA, 1)period, 2)trad, 3a)filk,irr, 6)dance/juggle
*Around the list field - 
     5)instr, 1)period, 4)SCA, 3b)filk,rev
*Feasts - 
     5)instr, 6)dance/juggle
*Stand alone (e.g.specifically set apart as part of an event) - 

You should assume that tomorrow my answers will all be different. *grin*

Ulf Gunnarsson

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