[Bards] IDEA

Michael Silverhands silverhands at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 1 10:11:50 PST 2006

On Dec 1, 2006, at 11:54 AM, Cisco Cividanes wrote:

> Well, I certantly wasn't planning on this being its own stand alone  
> event.
> The idea was meant as a template for a regional thing, the type of
> activity that people can devote a day to and still sleep in their beds
> at night. I wasn't thinking that it would be a  kingdom level thing,
> thats for bigger and grander ideas than my own. But it is the type of
> party that would bring some some different personalities out to play
> than might normally attend a weekend revel.
> In any event, Im glad people liked it, maybe some day we can try it as
> see how it goes over.
> Ivo

I would love to see someone give this a try. Personally, I would just  
promote it as an off-calendar revel and run it as its own event. It  
doesn't need anything else to distract from a good, inexpensive  
evening's entertainment. And I don't think it's really any harder to  
advertise an off-calendar revel than it is to advertise an on- 
calendar "event"; you just have to pay for all of your ad space in  
the Black Star, instead of getting a page or two for free.

Get a food+drink+bardic friendly site; prepare a nice but modest  
feast; invite bards near and far to come have some fun.

To improve its chances of success, you might get a couple of great,  
well-known bards to commit to being there and performing -- and  
feature them in the event advertisements. Heck, they might even be  
the organizers of the event, and challenge other bards to come join  
them. That way, your patrons can have high expectations regarding the  
quality of the evening's entertainment.

It shouldn't cost too much to host, so even though there wouldn't be  
many patrons the per-head site+feast cost should still be pretty  
affordable. Certainly cheaper than an evening at a mundane dinner  
theater. :-)

My two cents...


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