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Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair donnchadh at cornelius.norman.ok.us
Wed Dec 13 17:44:28 PST 2006

Lou Burgin wrote:
>> But, since I live in Rosenfeld, how could I possibly represent Wiesenfeuer
>> or Bordermarch for instance by becoming their titled bard?  Would I have 
>> to
>> travel to every event the Baron and Baroness attend so I can perform my
>> duties properly?  I cannot afford that.
> Please forgive , dear my Lord, but I must disagree. I feek the bearer of a 
> Title Championship in Bardic, means that whereever you go, you represent the 
> Barony.  When you perform you give wordfame to that group, maybe perform 
> pieces about them. In this way you carry the honor of the group with you and 
> spread it's fame far and wide. If you are from a distant place, that means 
> our name is carried even farther. Ofcourse if you happen to be at an event 
> where the Nobles are present, be there for them, but if not be their voice 
> where ever you go.  AmberLea
I could not agree more.  In fact I was just getting ready to say the 
same thing when I saw your post.  As a landed noble, I would love to 
have word fame of my beloved Namron spread far across the Kingdom, and I 
would welcome any bard no matter how far away to vie for the title.

On the topic of competing more than once:  As someone who has yet to win 
a titled competition, I would encourage those who have won in the past 
to keep competing.  When I do win a title, I don't want it to be because 
all the really good bards weren't competing that day.  Some day, with a 
lot of practice, I want to be able to compete next to Robin and Finnacan 
and Ulf and all the others and win.  THEN I will know I have 
accomplished something.  Yes it be a LOT harder, but it will also mean 
that much more.  As for getting discouraged, that won't happen because 
of those good souls who have given me encouragement along the way and 
challenged me to keep growing.  You know who you are and I can't thank 
you enough for it.

For Love of the Dream,
Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair
Baron of Namron

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