[Bards] Introduction: Vyvyanne Fox

Peters Athena drgngoddess_2k at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 3 08:10:04 PST 2006

Hello fellow bards!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce
myself since I just subscribed to this list. (I forgot
it was here :) )

A little bit about myself: I play under the name Lady
Vyvyanne Fox a c.1360 Welsh-Italian Shipping Merchant
persona in the Barony of Bryn Gwlad. I have been
playing for about 5 years now and my bardic activities
have included working with the Baron's Men, I Leoni
(Comedia Troupe), and occasionally performing in
bardic circles and Bryn Gwlad Bardic Championships.

Mundanely I grew up performing in theatre and
storytelling in my community as well as school
competitions. My focus was acting and directing in
college. Now I test computer games, but hopefully will
be writing for them soon.

My current performance focus revoles around some
Shakespeare (because I already had some pieces
memorized from college), Comedia del'arte (the only
thing that can inspire true stage fright in me), and
singing and performing poetry of the 14th century or
earlier my current favorites being Chaucer and Dante.

I wish to continue furthering my knowledge of the
Italian bards of the 14th century and becoming more
comfortable learning to sing period music acapella. I
learned to sing by ear so I never learned to read
music which is proving to make identifying a period
tune difficult :) My current way around this is to do
pieces recorded by the Medeival Babes since I can at
least identify the source of thier lyrics as period.

Well that was long winded, but I am sure that is
typical on this list :P I am happy to have found it
though and hope that it will helping learn more and
maybe I can even impart a little wisdom here and

In pursuit of the dream,
Vyvyanne mka Athena

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