[Bards] So let's.. College Statement

Michael Silverhands silverhands at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 4 10:33:29 PST 2006

On Nov 4, 2006, at 12:07 PM, Scott Barrett wrote:

> I like this just as it is. I'm going to keep the entire content of  
> this
> in my response just so folks know what thread I'm referring to.
> IF I were to push for any changes, it would be this additional
> statement...
> "Membership in the Ansteorran College of Bards grants neither  
> expertise
> nor authority.
>   No member of the College, to include officers, shall have the  
> right to
> A.) Determine membership in the College
> B.) impose standards of performance on any participant in the SCA
> outside the particular format chosen for an individual competition or
> bardic venue, in which participation remains the choice of the
> performer.
> The opinions and views of the bardic arts offered by a member or an
> officer will be those of the individual member or officer only and  
> will
> not necessarily represent the views of the Ansteorran College of  
> Bards."

I would make one exception to this. (Checking...) Ah, good. I see  
that I actually remembered to include it in my rough draft: "The  
Premier Bard is the spokesperson for the bardic community." When the  
Premier Bard speaks *about matters pertaining to the college as a  
whole*, I say that they speak for all of us. I'm quite happy to give  
them my franchise in that regard. After all, they either speak for  
us, or they are nobody. I prefer the idea of the first option for our  
Premier Bard.

This still fits the analogy I drew, comparing them to nobility. When  
the Baron of Steppes speaks, they are (usually) presumed to be  
speaking on behalf of the Steppes. It's part of their job to be sure  
that they are; and part of the Steppes members' job to correct them  
when they aren't. Likewise with our Premier Bard, and with us. Sound  

On the other hand, if they, or anyone, are merely offering critique  
or suggestions to another bard, then it should be made *unmistakably*  
obvious that they are speaking only on their own behalf.

> I include this because the Kingdom and the SCA already have standards
> for play and steps in place to deal with any negative issues or
> incidents.
> There should be no appearance of exclusivity in this, in my opinion.


> I'm also glad this is being discussed here. I don't see even a  
> third of
> us being able to attend a meeting after Twelfth Night.
> I would like to suggest we give this statement at least one month
> before certifying it, giving everyone on this list and potential
> members we haven't invited yet a chance to review it. Perhaps it could
> posted at bard.ansteorra.org and we could start spreading the word. It
> would be conceptual only until, say, the fifth of December.
> ~Finnacan

Sounds good to me, but I leave that to the college (*smile*, yes,  
that means *all of you*) to decide.


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