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Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Sat Nov 4 10:55:03 PST 2006

On Saturday, November 4, 2006, at 12:33 PM, Michael Silverhands wrote:

>> "Membership in the Ansteorran College of Bards grants neither
>> expertise
>> nor authority.
>>   No member of the College, to include officers, shall have the
>> right to
>> A.) Determine membership in the College
>> B.) impose standards of performance on any participant in the SCA
>> outside the particular format chosen for an individual competition or
>> bardic venue, in which participation remains the choice of the
>> performer.
>> The opinions and views of the bardic arts offered by a member or an
>> officer will be those of the individual member or officer only and
>> will
>> not necessarily represent the views of the Ansteorran College of
>> Bards.
>> The only exception to this will be when the Premier Bard speaks about 
>> matters pertaining to the College as a whole. "

We may need to clarify who the Premier Bard and DMoAS for Performance 
is, as well as how they attain their positions. The Kingdom A&S 
minister will likely want input on this as she helped form the deputies 
office with Ihon.
We can clarify the responsibilities of the Premier bard this way.


> I would make one exception to this. (Checking...) Ah, good. I see
> that I actually remembered to include it in my rough draft: "The
> Premier Bard is the spokesperson for the bardic community." When the
> Premier Bard speaks *about matters pertaining to the college as a
> whole*, I say that they speak for all of us. I'm quite happy to give
> them my franchise in that regard. After all, they either speak for
> us, or they are nobody. I prefer the idea of the first option for our
> Premier Bard.
> This still fits the analogy I drew, comparing them to nobility. When
> the Baron of Steppes speaks, they are (usually) presumed to be
> speaking on behalf of the Steppes. It's part of their job to be sure
> that they are; and part of the Steppes members' job to correct them
> when they aren't. Likewise with our Premier Bard, and with us. Sound
> good?
> On the other hand, if they, or anyone, are merely offering critique
> or suggestions to another bard, then it should be made *unmistakably*
> obvious that they are speaking only on their own behalf.
> Michael
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