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Gerald Norris jerryn at houston.rr.com
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That's the point, Amata.  You don't have to.  Cormac has his passion.  You
have yours.  I have mine.

We are all bards in Ansteorra.  I tend to not call myself one when writing
about myself or in passing reference because of personal preference.  No one
can point to me and say, "See!  If GERALD isn't willing to call himself a
bard, how can YOU call yourself a bard!" simply because I've been called a
lot of things in my life, many of them unprintable on a list that should
police itself on language.  But I can be in the bardic college, be a bard in
Ansteorra, and in the SCA, and STILL choose to call myself "Bubba", if I

There are, I think, two tricks that have to be learned; the first trick is
to not take what should be a generic term as if it were a personal attack,
and the other is to remember, when placing your opinions for all to see,
that somewhere in there should be the proviso that "these are my thoughts on
the matter," or "this is my take on it."

If this is to be our primary long-distance communication medium (I'm out of
firewood and damp blankets, my arms are tired from drumming, and I cooked
the last dang pigeon!), then these are two tricks that will stand us well.

As for being a musician, do you mean instrumentalist or singer/composer?

In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am,
HL Gerald of Leesville
A bard of Stargate  

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>While none of us can ever possess the skills of a
>BARD in the old sense,at least we can see that the singers and 
>storytellers and musicians know that to
>close to being a BARD, they have to do so much more. 

I'm satisfied being a musician and singer. It's a better fit for my Italian
persona and how I enjoy spending my time at SCA events. We've bounced the
definition of bard around and so far have included performers of many
varieties.  If I have to do "so much more" to be called a bard in Ansteorra,
then..ooops! Wrong list! :) 

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