[Bards] True Bards of Old

Martha Schreffler mot at swbell.net
Sat Nov 4 15:33:15 PST 2006

> As for being a musician, do you mean instrumentalist
> or singer/composer?

Since I was quoting from "musicians, singers and story
tellers" I took musician to mean instrumentalist in
that context. 

I started out in the SCA singing folk songs from the
British Isles accompanying myself on guitar or harp.
After taking a long break to raise my kids, I returned
to find a much more period emphasis. Since that time, 
I've done less singing and more instrumental type

As for composing, I've written a few songs, poems and
instrumental pieces but am not particularly prolific.
I seem to do my best work in my sleep and rarely
remember it on waking!

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