[Bards] So let's.. College Statement

Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Sun Nov 5 11:27:11 PST 2006

On Sunday, November 5, 2006, at 12:37 PM, gail young wrote:

> Michael and Alden,
> I love you both very much, but should you maybe talk to the KMoAS or 
> the KS before giving duties to a deputy for my office?
> Just wondering,
> gwyneth

Well, since this was posted to the public list, I'll say that no one 
has given duties to anyone.
We're all still in the "what if?" stage.
  We're talking possibilities, ideas and concepts, not dictating terms.

In fact, just this morning there were a couple of threads reminding 
folks that we need to make sure everyone involved is contacted for 
their input or concerns, see what changes they would make. Right now 
this is all just supposition.
So you are right, we all need to talk to the Kingdom Minister of A&S 
and the Kingdom Seneschal, and the Deputy to the Minister of A&S and 
the Premier Bard.
But no one has given anyone duties. No one would dare presume such.

We're brainstorming and your input is certainly desired.

I for one am glad to see you here, Mistress Blackrose.

What is your opinion of this potential College Statement? What do you 
like, dislike, or want to see changed?


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