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Mon Nov 6 05:30:27 PST 2006

<major snippage>

> But Robin made a very convincing argument that with a fraternal bond
> -- a college, guild, fraternity, grove, or whatever name makes you
> happy -- we would be stronger. The sense of community would be
> deeper. And all of those things in the preceding paragraph that are
> getting done now, would be done better. I'm not saying that I know
> that to be true, but Robin is -- and I'm willing to give it a try and
> find out. If nothing else, we will grow closer and stronger just for
> trying.
> Michael

Playing devils advocate...

As I said in my post last week (that I think only one person read) I too 
would be willing to give having a college another try. But one thing we have 
to be careful of is the same issue with any organized group... exclusion of 
others. Any group has the potential of becoming a clique and like most 
cliques newcomers will feel intimidated by it. A formal group can be strong 
in promoting our bard craft but it can also be very intimidating to the new 
folks who come in.

I am not a new comer by any means (have been at this dream for over 13 years 
now), I was even a Great Officer of State for 3 years, have held an office 
of one type or another for a total of 12 years, and am the real life 
daughter in law of a Baroness, so to say I have "peer fear" would not be 
accurate as I don't, and to say I am a fence sitter is also inaccurate as I 
am not (in fact I have sought to serve Ansteorra in many ways).

Though I will admit that something a college may have to overcome would be 
"peer fear" or "cliquishness" since many who are the strong voices for Bards 
are peers of some type. What I am saying  is I wont put myself in a place or 
situation where I am made to feel inferior or unwelcome or that I am a 
bothering someone for asking questions. I have the fear that this (the 
cliquiness) has the great potential of happening again as I felt that way 
when the college was active. That even though I performed and tried to 
expand my performances finding someone to teach me new techniques made me 
feel that I was bothering them. I finally came to the conclusion that being 
part of a formal bardic structure wasn't worth the disappointment and 
frustration and pursued my own line of bard craft setting goals for myself 
and finding another bard locally that I respected and who made time to give 
me feedback on my performances etc.

Would having the college again set guidelines for performances? Would the 
college encourage new bards? Would the college embrace bards of all styles? 
Would the college encourage current bards to branch out into other areas? 
Would the college assist people in finding resources?   I could go on and on 
in "would the college" but I'll stop for now.

Lady Magadalia Mac an Ghabhann

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