[Bards] To sum up...

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Mon Nov 6 12:44:30 PST 2006

Michael Silverhands wrote:

> Would someone other than me please take the rough draft that I "threw
> out there", add whatever has been added, and post it here (and on the
> bard website, if you think we're far enough along for that)?

I don't think we're far enough along yet, because we haven't consulted any 
bards who aren't on this list yet.  This list is an extremely quick and 
efficient tool to get your ideas to a certain self-selected minority of the 
kingdom's bards, but it does not qualify, by itself, as a large enough body 
to make decisions.

My recommendation is that we get out there and talk to people, have two or 
three meetings (I've volunteered to sponsor one at Twelfth Night in the 
Steppes, but we shoudl have several others) and try to get the word out to 
as many bards as possible.

I have little interest in a college that assumes that bards who don't have 
time or access for this list (including both of my bardic apprentices) 
shouldn't get any input.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

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