[Bards] Just a few words (really good words

Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Mon Nov 6 21:48:23 PST 2006

> Debates are more open when more people take part.  Four people 
> slugging it
> out with three cheering is a very closed debate.  One of the reasons I
> haven't suggested any verbiage is that I won't know what to recommend 
> until
> I get input from a whole lot more bards than are active on this list.  
> As I
> wrote earlier, "I don't think we're far enough along yet, because we 
> haven't
> consulted any bards who aren't on this list yet.  This list is an 
> extremely
> quick and efficient tool to get your ideas to a certain self-selected
> minority of the kingdom's bards, but it does not qualify, by itself, 
> as a
> large enough body to make decisions."
> Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

Robin, do you really think that a meeting at an event will get more 
I would have thought this list would reach more people compared to an 

Seriously. I'm curious if I'm miscalculating.

I can assure you that a lot of folks are reading these threads that are 
saying nothing (which in and of itself is an ominous sign when hoping 
to formalize an all-inclusive community structure).


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