[Bards] First Principles.

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I think I have made myself unclear. 
I help run a Middle Eastern Dance guild in the Elfsea area. I really 
should report to the A&S officers and now I plan to, but they haven't 
made me. The A&S officers doesn't tell us when to meet or what to do. 
Except when I was putting my dance nights on top of something and then 
she stepped in and fixed it nicely before people got their feelings 
I see us (The College of Bards) getting together discussing our needs 
and working on them. I see a Working Officer keeping tract of what we 
are doing and reporting them to the MOAS. A single point where the 
MOAS can politely tell us if we causing problems. I don't see the MOAS 
making policy decisions or deciding how we are going to function. I 
see the MOAS talking about the needs of the Kingdom and the needs of 
area and asking us what we could do to help. Then I see our working 
officers arranging forums and keeping tract of our decisions and 
passing this on to the MOAS.  

Exactly, Your Grace.  That matches how I envision the College being a Bardic College of Ansteora, tied to the kingdom via the KMOAS with a Charter signed by the Crown.


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