[Bards] First Principles.

Genie Barrett maggie.gene at justinanimator.com
Tue Nov 7 05:52:47 PST 2006

Hello all,

I have a question for those who understood how the college worked in the past.
--Please read this with a calm questioning tone in your mind.

How did the old college work?  I know that the charter is currently 
being searched for, but I have questions about how it worked:

How were officers chosen?  Were there officers?  What were they?
How were meetings organized?
How did someone who wanted to organize an event get the request for 
help out to the community?
What worked best about that organization?
What didn't work at all?  (Besides the hash marks)

I want to know about this entity that died.  I want to hear it from 
those who lived within it.  I am trying to see how the organization 
of a college works, and how we will do these things now...same or 
different.  Granted, this list is a big difference, so is the fact 
that there was a college before this one that we can learn from.

I had hoped to ask Master Robin at 3 Kings, but life and time ran 
away.  With the wedding, I didn't want to interrupt Duchess Willow.

Maggie MacPherson

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