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So, as I hear it, we who are bards should gather in a group with others who are interested,  This could be informally after populous or during fighter practice or more formally at a called meeting and talk over what we are reading  with our fellows. Hopefully two or more of the bards at a meeting will be on the newslist and can relay some of the issues and thoughts from more than one perspective.  This will take some time but may create interest so that bards will know and find some way to send or bring thier ideas to the larger meetings at events.

So, I guess that means either culling thorugh the discussion to carry a list of discussion points to a meeting.  or just trusting my memory and hoping someone else will bring in what I missed.


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 A person-person
> discussion at least allows a set reference for what was covered and if I
> arrive late the major points can be summarized quickly.  There are also
> so many non-verbal cues and tone inflections which cannot come across an
> e-mail list that help in understanding one another clearly.  This is a
> great place for tossing around ideas, but we definitely need the other
> meetings as well and perhaps for those who can't make those meetings a
> summary of what was concluded at each meeting or the major points made
> could be made available somehow whether on list or through a contact
> person that is made known to the bardic community (if you want
> information on what happened at _____ meeting, contact ______).  I'm
> just thinking aloud on this right now, but I thought I would throw it
> out anyway.
> Liliana Byrnes (who is over a hundred posts behind in reading since last
> Thursday) 
> **SNIP**
> >>C. I can't tell anything from the lurkers on this list.  Quiet people
> at a
> >>meeting are at least nodding or frowning, clearly excited or clearly
> >>bored.
> >>At the end of a meeting, I can have a sense of what the group as a
> whole
> >>believes, so even the people with nothing to say have been counted and
> >>considered.


 I don't want to discuss it with just the singers, or just
> the
> >>old bards like you, me and Willow.  We would get a "consensus" that
> >>doesn't
> >>represent the entire body of kingdom bards.  For the exact same
> reasons, I
> >>don't want us to consult just the online bards.
> >>
> >>Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

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