[Bards] on insignia

SuTillery@comcast.net SuTillery at comcast.net
Tue Nov 7 08:33:40 PST 2006

At the time the original bardic college was formed it was considered needful that we have some sort of symbol that said  I am a bard and a member of the college.  The choice of a sky blue sash with gold fringe was totally arbitrary.  Even at the time it was not universally accepted and worn by those who Identified themselves with the college.  It worked reasonably well and speaking for myself it gave me a feeling of inclusion and meant that, especially at small events, I was called and and encouraged to step up and help get a bardic circle off the ground   I am not a very good bard but my partcipation helped get things moving and let people who were not accomplished, polished bards (or even bards at all) feel willing to perform as well.

i really believe some symbol or emblem that can be worn (optionally, of course, but more useful if done frequently) is important for the group.  I do not feel it need be a blue sash unless nostalgia prompts the group to keep it.   

AEla of the hills

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