[Bards] The Right Questions

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I actually prefer putting together more documentation for bardic pieces that I enter into A&S competitions, as opposed to putting together documentation for bardic competitions.  My thinking on this is that static A&S judging should be weighed more on the research done for your entry, where bardic judging should be weighed more on the performance aspect.  I won a Gate's Edge A&S Championship in which I entered a sonnet that I wrote.  For 14 lines of poetry, I had four pages of documentation. :)


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Ma'am.  The problem I see with that? Is most of the A&S venues and
competitions require more documentation than is either readily
available or can be applied to origional pieces.  By limiting it to
A&S competition rules, that would limit bardic severely.  Yes, having
more appear in A&S competitions would be wonderful, but making that
the main goal of Bards would be a different name on the same
problem... with even fewer options.


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