[Bards] Bardic regalia

Katherine of Scarborough katofscarborough at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 8 17:01:57 PST 2006

Diverging completely from the current firestorm of
discussion, I thought I'd pose a question while folks
are paying attention to this list. :)

I currently hold the honor of serving as titled bard
to Skorragardr, which is a relatively young canton.  I
think I'm their third bard, and, as such, there isn't
yet any "pass down" regalia to speak of.  I would
really like to be able to give my successor an
albatross or two (grin) in the form of a cloak, or a
mantle, or a staff, or something to otherwise denote
the position.

Having never been a regional bard before, my question
is: am I within my rights to start that tradition
myself?  If so, what would be some appropriate,
permissible things to include?  For example, if I
wanted to create a bardic cloak, I am assuming I
should NOT display the canton's arms on it in their
entirety.  Would it be best to have a cloak in the
canton's colors, with some sort of bardic-looking
insignia on it, perhaps with an element from the
canton's heraldry included?

I apologize if these are silly questions, but any
advice or suggestions would be most appreciated.

-Catrin ferch Maelgwn
Bard of Skorragardr

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