[Bards] Bardic regalia

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Excellent questions!

the answer is "Talk to the group who's champion you are." Many timnes they 
may say "that'd be great!" but you may also find that they have some thing 
planed and some one working on it.

As to heraldry displayed on a cloack... My dear bard you have opened up an 
entire 55 gal Drum of worms with out even knowing what it was. I will leave 
it as saying many different people will give you many different passionate 
answers to that question. if you would like I would be happy to assist with 
what heraldic knowledge I have on a provate channel.


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> Diverging completely from the current firestorm of
> discussion, I thought I'd pose a question while folks
> are paying attention to this list. :)
> I currently hold the honor of serving as titled bard
> to Skorragardr, which is a relatively young canton.  I
> think I'm their third bard, and, as such, there isn't
> yet any "pass down" regalia to speak of.  I would
> really like to be able to give my successor an
> albatross or two (grin) in the form of a cloak, or a
> mantle, or a staff, or something to otherwise denote
> the position.
> Having never been a regional bard before, my question
> is: am I within my rights to start that tradition
> myself?  If so, what would be some appropriate,
> permissible things to include?  For example, if I
> wanted to create a bardic cloak, I am assuming I
> should NOT display the canton's arms on it in their
> entirety.  Would it be best to have a cloak in the
> canton's colors, with some sort of bardic-looking
> insignia on it, perhaps with an element from the
> canton's heraldry included?
> I apologize if these are silly questions, but any
> advice or suggestions would be most appreciated.
> -Catrin ferch Maelgwn
> Bard of Skorragardr
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