[Bards] What's *your* idea of what a college is (or ought to be)?

Darlene Vandever annescvb at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 19:50:21 PST 2006

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> Basic concept:
> What do you think this idea called "college of bards" is (or ought to
> be)? In general terms at least, or specifically if you have specific
> ideas.

*I have started to answer you 4 different times now and backed up each time.
My vague and rather difficult to convey idea is that (1) it will formally
identify those who consider themselves to be a "bard" to others who also
consider themselves to be "bards". (2) it will identify these persons as
"bards" to the larger populace of the kingdom (3) it *might* attract more
support from the larger community for the bardic community (4) it *might*
provide some sort of training or help for those within the bardic
community. *

> Whatever that thing is, what do you think it would do for you --
> specifically, if you can -- that you and the current company of bards
> either aren't able to do for themselves, or would be done better by a
> college (whatever that is)? I.e., "What would you do with one if you
> had one?"

*Other than perhaps helping me identify someone as a bard from a distance
that I haven't met before, I am not sure what a "college" might do for me in
either the short or the long term.*

> Whatever that thing is, how do you think it would it work? What form
> do you think it would it have?

*I haven't a clue.*

> Whatever that thing is, why would you want one?

*If it helped people find bards adn learn what bards do and then *use* the
bards in a more period fashion, that might be a "good thing"*
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