[Bards] What's *your* idea of what a college is (or ought to be)?

Darius masterdarius at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 10 08:47:08 PST 2006

I have been pondering this question since I am one of those who has said "I 
don't think we need it but am willing to support it" I have been hesitant to 
answer. but here it is:

> Basic concept:
> What do you think this idea called "college of bards" is (or ought to
> be)? In general terms at least, or specifically if you have specific
> ideas.

If there were to be a college of bards I would think it should be simple. A 
structure to inform and facilitate bardic activities in the kingdom. An 
ensign we can use as a visual rally point or, if we chose, for showing we 
are bards of Ansteorra. I would hope the structure would help encourage new 
and old bards alike and help promote our craft. I would hope that the 
college would be a nueetral ground where those who enjoy divng into research 
can sit and srare in fellowship with hose who simply wish to sing a song or 
recite a vers that inspieres them. certainly we all have much we can learn 
from each other.

> Function:
> Whatever that thing is, what do you think it would do for you --
> specifically, if you can -- that you and the current company of bards
> either aren't able to do for themselves, or would be done better by a
> college (whatever that is)? I.e., "What would you do with one if you
> had one?"

See this is one of my sticking points, I can't think of a single thing the 
college would do that we can't do without havign a college.

We can support each other, publish our works no the bards web site to make 
it easier to share what we do, call out for help on a project or a poem, 
schedule gatherings (or even events in the theoretical case of Bards and 
beers). Have challange circles (ie I throw out a topic and invite any one 
who wants to a circle at my camp to perform on that topic at a given 
event... maybee even offer a prize but definately largess and hospitality) 
share research, test out class materials (I loved Ulfs thread on poetic 
styles a few years back)

All of this we can do now. so what can a college do for us that we can't do 

> Form:
> Whatever that thing is, how do you think it would it work? What form
> do you think it would it have?

As Simple as possible. minimal facilitators (I think it's a better word than 
officer or coordinator for our purposes) A structrue for us to hang our 
hats, kinda like a list pavillion for fighters, yah it's usefull but you can 
go fight with out it too.

> Benefit:
> Whatever that thing is, why would you want one?

See my answer to Function.

In Faith

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