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  My understanding as far as the Defender of the Rose event went, both
Emerald Keep and Shadowlands hosted so that the event did not count against
either group as their 1 calendar event.  Lysts at Castleton was a
multi-regional event hosted by Loch Soilleir, Stargate, Bryn Gwlad, and I
believe Bjornsborg.  Because of the multiple groups, it did not count
against any group.  Also, with King's Lancer, it was a Kingdom event and we
gave, I think, 10% to the Kingdom.  Due to the group restrictions of
calendar events, to put an event officially on calendar and not have it
count against a group, you must have multiple group sponsors or a kingdom
championship (ie Eisteddfod).  So if Loch & Stargate or Steppes & Elfsea or
Bryn Gwlad & Bjornsborg (the combinations are endless) got together to host
a "Beer & Bards" event, then they could get it on calendar.  To get an event
on calendar you would need to contact Dame Clara as Calendar Deputy.


On 11/9/06, gail young <gwynethb63 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Any group can get an event on the calendar(ie, the roses this coming
> weekend)
> You have to have a site and a group that agrees to finance it and run
> gate...for Lysts this was Stargate (I believe) and for Roses I think it's
> Emerald Keep.  Submit a date request and as long as it doesn't comflict with
> Crown/Coronation or is not within the same region as another event ( and
> this is flexible also...for ex. an A&S event in Seawinds would probably by
> OK against a fighting event in Greywood...but these decisions are up to the
> KS) Clara can correct me but that's the way I remember it from when I was
> Calendar Deputy.
> **
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