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Replying to my own email...yeah, I know...

I talked further with Star just now, and if we want to keep with the currently registered badge, all it will take is to change the designation label associated with badge.  We can opt to either re-label it to a organized bardic body (guild/college) or drop the label completely.  She (and the College of Heralds) will help us do this if we can agree on the direction we want to go.


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I started replying to Michael's various comments and questions.  When I got about half-way through, I stopped and opened up a copy of the College of Arms Handbook.

Under Submissions Regulations, Section II.D.3 it states, "3. Badge - Any piece of tinctured armory other than a Personal Device or Branch Arms. Badges may be registered by an individual, by two individuals jointly, or by a Society branch. They may be have no particular label, may be associated with a name registered to the owner of the badge, or may be associated with a generic description of the intended use or function of the badge. Badges may only be registered for offices of Society branches if no badge has been registered for that office by the Society or any territorial entity to which the submitting branch belongs. All records will be retained under the Primary Society Name of the registrant or the Branch name of the registering group. When a badge is jointly registered, a cross-reference shall be listed under the Primary Society Name of the other owner. Badges may have the field specified or they may have no field specified, but must otherwise be fully tinctured. Fiel
dless ba
dges may be subject to special rules for style and difference in the Rules for Submissions, but are otherwise treated in the same manner as tinctured badges."

I'll talk to Star - Since it says "may be have no particular label", it would be easy if we can just ask the Crown to approve a request to remove "for the Queen's College of Bards of Ansteorra" from the existing badge.

Like Michael said, I would just use the badge as is, until either the Queen's College of Bards of Ansteorra or the Crown asked me not to.  It's very nice armory, and really, if anyone is going to care whether or not we use it, it'll be someone who was once in the QCoBoA.


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