[Bards] badge discussion

Genie Barrett maggie.gene at justinanimator.com
Mon Nov 13 12:18:42 PST 2006

At 01:47 PM 11/13/2006, you wrote:
>Replying to my own email...yeah, I know...
>I talked further with Star just now, and if we want to keep with the 
>currently registered badge, all it will take is to change the 
>designation label associated with badge.  We can opt to either 
>re-label it to a organized bardic body (guild/college) or drop the 
>label completely.  She (and the College of Heralds) will help us do 
>this if we can agree on the direction we want to go.

I personally would prefer to have it with out any designation...Free 
for any bard to use.


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