[Bards] What's *your* idea of what a college is (or ought to be)?

Brighid Mac dallaspanther at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 13 20:08:09 PST 2006

As a budding bard I thought I might put my two pence worth in on this discussion.
>Basic concept:
>What do you think this idea called "college of bards" is (or ought to 
>be)? In general terms at least, or specifically if you have specific

Being so new to the bardic world - I can't really speak to what a "college of bards" ought to be. I don't feel I know enough about being a bard to adequately answer that. But, I can say that the first thought I had was how great it would be to have an event full of classes all about bardic stuff. Everything from basic level "Bard 101" type classes to perhaps more advanced ones for those with higher skill levels. What a fantastic and exciting day that would be!! The only problem would be picking which classes because there are always some that overlap each other at these types of things. :-)
Whatever connotation the "college" eventually took on - There are two main things that come to mind.
One - I hope it would provide an opportunity to learn and grow for everyone involved no matter their skill level. 
Two - I hope it would give people of all skill levels from brand new bards to Master of the Craft a chance to get to know each other better so that they can seek each other out at future events.
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