[Bards] Some thoughts

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 13 21:43:31 PST 2006

>One, the brewers have no Kingdom level event at this time. ...

I humbly suigest that some of the best traditions can be the informal ones. 

Is there anything preventing the bards of Ansteorra from just "asking" for brewers at Eisteddfod? And I dont imagin the logistis of some classrooms for a small colegium would be too terrible if planned far enouigh ahead. 

Anyway, just a thought. 

>Two, Eisteddfod was wanting not for attendance, but for competitors 
>when held at Twelfth Night....

Not having the brewers here isn't an automatic falure or lass. If the "beer and Bards" event goes through, it should help boulster bardic kingdom-wide, the after effect whould help bardic everywhere, including here. 

>It occurs to me that if the problems of Eisteddfod can be solved by a 
>simple yet effective move, the brewers may find that...
>A.) the new group hosting Eisteddfod is welcoming to their 
>contributions (which I'm working on... My theory is, invite the 
>brewers, they will come).

Well, yes, I think that is one of the hard and fast established rules of the world, like Nutonian Physics and the occational bad elementrary school teachers. 

>B.) (My favorite) The brewers can join us not for Eisteddfod, but a 
>bardic/brewing collegium, which naturally would end with one heck of a 

I agree whole heartedly. I was actually thinking that the Bards and Beer event would naturally be a Collegium and not Esteddfod itself, but I may have misread a post clarifying that some time back. 

>The only problem with "B" is that neither of these events would be 
>Kingdom Level, and so would either have to be held at an existing event 
>or a group or pair of groups would need to volunteer to host.

These really, really, don't need to be hosted by an existing event, or were back to where we started, competing for atention against fighting and other things for attention.

>If anyone is interested (Ivo, you keep talking about this, I'm looking 
>at you, and the north could support that all on it's own) 

AHEM! Are you implying that the North has a drinking problem?

Ill have you know that Master oxlade only brews enouiogh for each of us...


THe fact is that mooneschadowe has a second event it could host, and that we haven't come up with a seciond event yet, and aren't even really trying at the moment.

The other fact is that ALL of mooneschadowe will need to be onboard for this to fly with us as a whole, and some of our number are detractors and critics of the Bardic arts. So this is not a done deal.

Help me out guys, if this is going to work, I am going to have to cionvice Mooneschadowe that its worth the effort.

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