[Bards] badge discussion

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 13 21:59:45 PST 2006

Mast Robin, I was unaware of much of what you pointed out.
Thank you for your additions to this topic.

In light of the cited statements, I think any further talk along the lines of "their being no heraldic police" and "whos around to argue with us if we use it" needs to end here. Given that rules exist, and that we have been made aware of them, talk of this natrue does not further our cause, protect or esteem or help the bardic ideals.

If we want to do it, than lets do it right. 

Ivo Blackhawk

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>Leaving aside the opinions (I'll get to them later) some technical heraldic 
>issues have been raised.  Here are the technical answers.  I'm trying to 
>restrict myself to historical and rules discussion, but it ain't easy.

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