[Bards] Relaying a question...

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Thu Nov 16 06:19:56 PST 2006

Ivo sent on the following question from Mylisant::

>>   A question that has occurred to me is "Why isn't a bardic classes
>> track part of the Kingdom Dance and Music Symposium?"

> Do we have an answer guys, because I have never been to the event myself?
> Note: this was not offered as alternative to our own event, just a
> related question to me and I pass on to you.

The short answer is this: because it has never been part of what the event 
stewards focussed on, and nobody has said, "I want to do the work to create 
a bardic track at the Kingdom Dance and Music Symposium.

Why?  This event started as the Dance Symposium, and the music part grew 
because it was good for the dancing to encourage musicians to show up, and 
because the musicians already showing up added classes for their own 
benefit.  There is no clear way in which the bards (except as musicians) add 
to the initial point of the event, which is dancing.

Of course, a bardic track could work, as a completely separate piece, just 
as it could work at any other event, but it doesn't directly serve the 
people putting it on, so it has never been anyone's priority.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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