[Bards] Details?

Michael Silverhands silverhands at sbcglobal.net
Thu Nov 16 09:39:18 PST 2006

On Nov 16, 2006, at 10:16 AM, Robert Fitzmorgan wrote:
>    This needs to have something to appeal to the non Bards /  
> Brewers / Cooks.  If we want to be relavent to the Kingdom as a  
> whole then the Bards need to serve the needs of the Kingdom and not  
> just our own.

Piffle. Whose needs does Steppes Warlord serve? To whom is it relevant?
a) the fighters in the list
b) those who come to watch and enjoy the lists
c) all of the above

It's "c)", of course. And without Warlord having to do a *thing* to  
"cater" to the rest of the kingdom -- just provide a spectacular  
venue for fighting.

>    We need the puopulace to feel that even if they are not Bards  
> that this is their chance to came and be amazed by the best that  
> Ansteorra has to offer.

Actually, I think that such an event, as discussed/proposed thus far,  
*does* have appeal to the non bards/brewers/cooks. Anyone with a  
grain of intellect should be able to figure out that they'd have a  
wonderful time just *being* at such an event. Especially if the  
organizers tell them so in the event advertising. Repeatedly. :-)

>    I suggeest that evening be a Bardic show piece where all the  
> Bard can do two pieces that show what they can do at their best.   
> The cooks and the brewers can show off their best.  I would suggest  
> that each bard do their best current piece and one new piece that  
> shows the best they do now.  I would want it to be a chance to say  
> ot the Kingdom that here are the best we have and this is what they  
> can do.  I would travel for that.
> Robert

As would many others, I suspect. :-)


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