[Bards] Details?

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 16 09:28:31 PST 2006

Alden Drake wrote:
> Why does it have to appeal to the non Bards/Brewers/Cooks?  There's a 
> calendar full of events that cater to the Kingdom as a whole.  I'd 
> rather this be an event BY bards/cooks/brewers FOR bewers/cooks/bards 
> (and those who appreciate them). :)   But as Robert pointed out a 
> showcase of respective talents would be a fabulous idea!
> Alden
Okay, lets split the differnce then....

Full site fee for the day/classes etc...
Half site fee for just after the last class for those who want to come 
and see the performances and enjoy the feast

first half is practice, second half is show. Some people WOULD just show 
up for the afternoon's show and festivities.

Hows that sound.

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