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Thistles can be given for specific arts. It is the Iris that is not
specified was my understanding.
I have both. My Thistle is for Glovemaking, and it was announced that way
when it was spoken out loud in court. :)
Chiara Francesca

That is correct.  While 'bardcraft' and 'bardic arts' are the most common Thistle designators among recipients in the bardic community, there have also been Thistles given for:

- Bardic
- Composition, Singing, and Harpistry (all in one)
- Singing
- Poetry & Songwriting
- Poetry
- Music
- Juggling
- Foolery
- Performing Arts
- Vocal Performance
- Performing
- Performing Arts - Drama
- Acting
- Storytelling
- Arabic Poetry

On a cursory examination of the OP, I don't find anyone with multiple Thistles given in the venue of bardic arts (like you see some people with Thistles in multiple static arts).  The closest I find to that is the people who have a single Thistle for multiple things, i.e. "Poetry & Songwriting" and "Composition, Singing, and Harpistry".

Personally, I find "bardcraft", "bardic", and "bardic arts" to be rather nebulous designations.  Having a focus on period poetry is quite different from being a singer, just as woodworking is different from brewing.  It makes me want to recommend someone for a Thistle in "Static Art". hehe


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