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tim jennings tim at roseneath.ca
Wed Oct 25 09:39:17 PDT 2006


So - I am not Ansteorran, but I do kind of have some vision of the bards
of the SCA as a whole and have managed to create (with a lot of help)
one of the strongest bardic Kingdoms of the SCA.

Colleges are good. Having a group/clique to hang with is a good idea as
long as it is not exclusionary. 

The Known World Bardic College event is called what it is to try and
create a collegial feeling. It works very well. Ealdormere has done very
well in creating bardic events through its College. The same has been
true of Northshield, Aethelmarc, the Middle, Atlantia, etc

What will cause issues is creating ranks and hurdles to achieve those
ranks. As Alden notes, the award system in the SCA recognizes ppl in a
ranked way already and that award system does, in fact, recognize what
we do sometimes.

It doesn't always work, but the fact is that Nada/AoA/GoA/Laurel does in
fact correspond to beginner/apprentice/journeyman/master or in a more
bardic (historically speaking) way nada/bardagh/filidh/ollagh. 

The only problem, of course, is this assumes you got your awards for
bardic arts and not for say...woodworking

But the truth is, this is a performing art and aesthetically, the cream
doth rise. You have a LOT of talent in your Kingdom. You have spawned
even more (Both John Inchingham and Eleanor Fairchild <and others I am
sure> credit you folks with putting them on the road -and that is some
statement). You can look to the senior bards of your Kingdom for advice
and guidance and look beyond your walls as well. The international
community is strong and welcoming as well. Use us if you would like. 

If I can offer a final suggestion, it is create groups, make events,
sing and tell stories, encourage others, make friends and influence
people but DO NOT put obstacles in the way of people's progress to
making better art.

The A&S route that works for one person won't work for another. People
who like to compete will compete and run competitions. People who don't
like that can be encouraged to perform and write in more casual

Good luck!

Bard geek from Ealdormere 
A&S guy

Tim Jennings, Managing Director
Roseneath Theatre
+1 519 787 2399

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