[Bards] What is a bard?

tim jennings tim at roseneath.ca
Wed Oct 25 11:41:26 PDT 2006

The definition that we came up with at the first KW Bardic College event
(in 2000) when asked 'what the heck is bardic arts?' was: 

"Bardic Arts is Song, Story or Poetics that is relevant to the culture
of the society" (note the small 's' in society;) 

The intention of this was to define it separately from the other
performing arts like theatre, dance, etc. 

That said, the term 'bard' seems to universally mean either a person
doing the above or a general term for an SCA performer with no Kingdom
having a clear usage - but very clearly a bard must perform in the SCA,
whereas the term in English usage doesn't seem to indicate this need
(eg: Bill Shakespeare)

Your mileage may vary


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