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Another filk from An Tir

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Forever Like A Knight
A filk by Marcos de Foronda
To the tune of "Forever Like the Rose" by Seals and Crofts

Forever like a knight
I suppose
That's the way to be
Brave and so chivalrous
Victorious in the protecting of the weak
I know
It's not an easy task
All I ask is that you try

Try for me to be like the brave knight
In his fight
To defend with might
Use your strength
And let your honor be your shield
And show the world what you can be
If you are brave
Brave for us
Brave for us
Forever like a knight

A belt is worn that's ever white
A symbol of his purity
Fighting for the light
A promise for defending our dreams
A centerpiece of trust
Will always be a showing
It's glory promise for the view
Children's dreams to grow into new
Forever like a knight
Oh, forever like a knight

Forever like a knight
I suppose
That's the way to be
Strong and ever giving
Always living with a purpose and a quest
To keep our fragile dream
Then someday
To become king
Forever like the knight

"Father"  Marcos de Foronda
Fanatical Former of Fantastical Filks
marcos at earth-web.net
 In Service


Tarafina bint KiyAn al-Herauiyya Kandahar
Danie'l Marie & Morgan Service Dog

Muirenn ingen Senáin uí Dúnlaing.
We will be with you in the
fellowship of the spirit, and you
will surley meet some of us
as you TRUDGE the road of
happy destiny--bigbook 164

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