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Personally, I don't like the idea of bowing out of a championship.  If I'm going to enter a championship, I'm entering to do my best, for as far as my best will take me.  If I don't think I can perform the duties of being the champion, I'm not going to enter.  If my aim is to do honor to the King/Queen/etc., or demonstrate my abilities, I'll find another way to do that than by entering a championship.

I think bowing out may stem partially from the Crown List.  One of the classes at Known World Bardic/Cooks discussed "Ducal Privilage" in the Crown List, and how it has changed over time and in different kingdoms.  From the discussion, it seems to have initiated in a manner that Dukes could opt to not enter Crown List, where other knights are expected to enter regardless.  Ansteorra currently uses Ducal Privilage to allow a Duke to bow out of Crown List at any time.  Another kingdom (which I can't recall) used it to allow Dukes to *enter* Crown List at any time, whereby they could challenge another entrant for his "seat" in the list.  If the Duke won, he'd assume that seat in the list.  

There is no obligation for anyone to enter Eisteddfod (or any championship in Ansteorra), so I don't see that a "bow out" is necessary.  


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Ok on the college... What Finnacan said! He said it al I aint got no more.
On Eisetddfodd
One thing comes to mind with the comparison that has been made to Queens... How many here besides the Rapier fighters know there is a "Bow Out"
Usually when there are between 8 to 12 fighters left in the list at Queens you will see the fighters gather with her Majesty. This is the "Bow out" Her Majety thanks all those gahtered there and invites any who are not able to fufill her expectations as her Champion to step aside. No Harm No Foul, No Disgrace for knowing your own capabilities. 
We have nothing like that in Eisteddfodd. Perhaps this is one reason why why we have less competitors. If before the judges choos the finalist all are given the oportunity.....
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