[Bards] Topic: Is the usage of performers in your area, and events in general, sufficient?

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Dear Friends, I really like the idea of wearing the sash as an "available" 
message.  Sort of like a taxi on duty light.  I personally have a problem 
because I find them uncomfortable so don't like to wear them. This is my 
problem though, I think the idea is great. Maybe I will create something of 
light blue that is not a baldric to substitute. I also think it would be a 
good idea for a more established bard to make introductions fo a new bard. 
It affords an opportunity to explain the "sash means available" message and 
breaks the ice between a new bard and the Nobles/Royals. One of the things 
that makes me proudest of being part of the bardic community is that we are 
so supportive of each other.

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