[Bards] Topic: Is the usage of performers in your area, and events in general, sufficient?

Charles O Floinn thorn at raf662bravo.com
Tue Oct 24 05:31:11 PDT 2006

Why wait for or manufacture an opportunity?  We have many each year or even
each event.  I do not know many songs yet but this does not make me any less
available to make my mark.  I heard that the Baroness Elfsea likes funny
songs and since I know one that no one else knows I approached her at the
Springfare and asked to sing it for her.  If, as a group, we begin to
organize ourselves just enough so that, lest suppose, the titled bards will
take point at their groups events, then we can fill the air with song and
music and stories without having to fabricate a contest or a gathering in
amongst the many to give ourselves the excuse to sing.  I say use the titled
bard as point so we can be a pleasant sound and enhancement to an event
without becoming so many doing so much at any given time that we become a

We can become known from Ansteorra outward into the known world for our own
renaissance of this art.  We can sing at the edges of the list fields
between rounds, or from table to table at a feast, or more.  Why wait until
the campfire or a competition in a corner of an event to show our art?  We
can all do our turn at an event without becoming a babble.

Rosenfeld will be holding its 3Kings event in just two weekends from now.
November 3rd to 5th to be exact.  At this event there will be a wedding on
Friday, three feasts after the fighting on Saturday, and pauses between
every scheduled event.  Their crown prince and princess and his majesty will
also be there.  What a wonderful gift it would be to give them an event that
is going constantly and not moving from one round of battle to the next.  We
have no titled bard, but if Elfseas bard is not coming then I will fill this
position to help organize we few just enough to do this.

Shall we try?  Shall we make a difference?

Charles O Floinn
Herald, Shire of Rosenfeld,
Kingdom of Ansteorra, SCA
Merchant Coordinator and Chatelaine apprentice
Bard of no renown for hire.

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Dear Friends, I really like the idea of wearing the sash as an "available"
message.  Sort of like a taxi on duty light.  I personally have a problem
because I find them uncomfortable so don't like to wear them. This is my
problem though, I think the idea is great. Maybe I will create something of
light blue that is not a baldric to substitute. I also think it would be a
good idea for a more established bard to make introductions fo a new bard.
It affords an opportunity to explain the "sash means available" message and
breaks the ice between a new bard and the Nobles/Royals. One of the things
that makes me proudest of being part of the bardic community is that we are
so supportive of each other.

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