[Bards] Topic: Is the usage of performers in your area, and events in general, sufficient?

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Tue Oct 24 06:48:36 PDT 2006

At 07:31 AM 10/24/2006, you wrote:

>Rosenfeld will be holding its 3Kings event in just two weekends from now.
>November 3rd to 5th to be exact.  At this event there will be a wedding on
>Friday, three feasts after the fighting on Saturday, and pauses between
>every scheduled event.  Their crown prince and princess and his majesty will
>also be there.  What a wonderful gift it would be to give them an event that
>is going constantly and not moving from one round of battle to the next.  We
>have no titled bard, but if Elfseas bard is not coming then I will fill this
>position to help organize we few just enough to do this.
>Shall we try?  Shall we make a difference?

I will take up this gauntlet.

I have written the event steward.

As soon as I have information, I'll issue my challenge.

In the meantime, find a song/story/something about or from the time 
of Charlemagne.  After all, he's our three kings' Grandfather.

Yours in music
Maggie MacPherson
Elfsea Bard

A few sources,
Two songs of Roland here:  http://www.calonsong.org/songbook.html

Her Grace Willow has several stories from Charlemagne's reign, and 
I'm sure (please correct me if I'm wrong, Your Grace) she'd love to 
share a few.

And after a five minute search on Google,
Einhard's "Life of 
Charlemagne":  http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/basis/einhard.html

A few more references here: 

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