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Wed Oct 25 06:26:03 PDT 2006

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From: Gerald Norris <jerryn at houston.rr.com>

I personally prefer a sash to a baldric, simply because it's easier to wear.
I am in agreement with others that we should keep to something simple and
consistent.  I like the idea of using the badge - is there a patch maker out
there who can do that type of work cheap?  I believe originally that it was
Master Ihon, who doled out the blue sashes w/ gold trim a few years back.

I am NOT in agreement with having other accessories to the sash that denotes
different "ranks" within the performing arts community. Just me.  If you
want to accessorize your sash with stuff, I'm all for that.  It could even
be used to display tokens of appreciation others have given you for your
efforts, but I don't want to have PA merit badge equivalents.  Again, just

Alden replies:
My thinking of a blue baldric for bards is probably what you're thinking of as a sash, fabric, not leather, worn over the shoulder and across the chest to the hip.  I use the term baldric, because in my mind a sash can be worn any number of ways, most easily as described above, but also around the waist like a belt.

I agree, we don't need to denote bardic ranks or merit badges.  That would be very cheesey.  Though if people want to decorate them to suit personal taste/meaning, I wouldn't mind that, so long as it remains clearly a blue sash/baldric/belt favor.  You could add your own arms, or your Laurel's/mentor's badge, a mark for each championship you've won, or for each year you've been a bardic apprentice/student, or to affix token pins from patrons...whatever is significant to you.

HL Eadric Anstappa in Gate's Edge has someone make little patches for him that he gives out to people who do live weapons and combat archery at Gulf Wars each year.  I can contact him about them.  We'll probably just need a good drawing and size for the patch.


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