[Bards] Queen's College of Bards -- who's up for it?

Kathy Elliott bardkat at verizon.net
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I believe it is time.  I had approached Cateau last year, and she had no
knowledge of the Queen's College of Bards.  Let's not let this fall by the
wayside.  We now have a voice in the Deputy MoAS; let's rebuild the college
- in whatever way will best serve the bards today.

I'll be there, Robin.  And I'll be happy to drive, caravan, or share hotel
costs with any bards from the Loch/Stargate/Ravensfort area.


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I deliberately separated this from the rest of the discussion.

The compaints about the College are long gone.  A few of us miss the old 
College.  I for one remember it as one of the things that made Ansteorra 
important to me.

Is it time to ask Queen Britta and Princess Deanna if they would support a 
rebirth of the Queen's College of Bards?

I'm in if enough others are.

I will offer my home Sunday of Twelfth Night (the weekend of Kingdom 
Eisteddfod) for us to write a new Charter if enough people want to start it 

Any takers?

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
Bard of the Steppes
Queen's College of Bards. 

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