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Steppes currently has Twelfth Night on the calendar only because of Eisteddfod.  They host Twelfth Night, Steppes Artisan and Steppes Warlord as calendar events.  So w/o Eisteddfod, something will have to be taken off the calendar.

Robert Fitzmorgan <fitzmorgan at gmail.com> wrote:
       I disagree that Twelfth Night attached it's self to Eisteddfod, it was really the other way around.  I believe that Twelfth Night was always a calender event.  As a Barony Steppes gets to have two events on the calender.  Twelfth Night has been a major event for longer than I've been playing,  and usually there are a lot of awards given out at the Twelfth Night Court.  That couldn't happen if it were not a calender event.    I suppose that Steppes may be taking advantage of the fact that they have a Kingdom event attached to Twelfth Night to allow them use their second calender event for something else, but if Eisteddfod were moved you can bet that Twelfth Night would remain a Calender event.  

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