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     I disagree that Twelfth Night attached it's self to Eisteddfod, it was really the other way around.  I believe that Twelfth Night was always a calender event.  As a Barony Steppes gets to have two events on the calender.  Twelfth Night has been a major event for longer than I've been playing,  and usually there are a lot of awards given out at the Twelfth Night Court.  That couldn't happen if it were not a calender event.    I suppose that Steppes may be taking advantage of the fact that they have a Kingdom event attached to Twelfth Night to allow them use their second calender event for something else, but if Eisteddfod were moved you can bet that Twelfth Night would remain a Calender event.  

Some years ago, Steppes Twelfth Night might have been a calendar event, but don't forget, in the not too distant past, it came down that baronies were hence forth limited to TWO Calendar Events per year.  For Steppes, those two events are Steppes Warlord and Steppes Artisan.

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