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Thu Oct 26 20:43:25 PDT 2006

Darius wrote:

>In Short I am an Ansteorran Bard. Always have been, always will be. If 
>flying the standard of the college of bards at my camp will encourage others 
>to stop by and share a song or verse and perhaps a dram or two in passing.. 
>Wonderfull! If doing so means I am told I have to follow certain rules of 
>how a circle will be run or protocol among the bards before my tent... then 
>I simply won't fly the standard and you will all be welcome any way.
>In Faith
Well said.

I think there ought to be /some/ rules that govern bardic circles, but 
they'd amount to 'be courteous.' If you enter an active circle and wish 
to perform, you should ask. If those hosting it want a certain type of 
piece, or don't want some other type, they should say so. Other then 
that, keep it appropriate to the SCA and the audience.

Some of my less-pleasant bardic memories have little to do with bards 
themselves. For a space of a few years, when I went to an event and 
found a fire where bards were performing, or even where a bardic circle 
had been /announced/, I would sit down and listen, maybe get to perform 
a piece...
...and then the belly dancers and their drummers would arrive and take 
it over. No more bardic.

Now, I doubt any of our current ME dance community would do this today. 
They have their parties and leave other folks' alone. But the memory 
remains, and it still irks me, because none of the bards I knew then 
would have done such a thing to the ME dancers.

Moral? Be nice to each other, don't ruin someone else's fun, and let's 
all have a good time.

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bard of Bryn Gwlad

PS: if anyone's coming down for BG Baronial this weekend, His Excellency 
Thomas is offering refreshments at his manor in Castleton friday night, 
and bards would be welcome to come and entertain. In keeping with the 
theme of the event and the season, I'd like to offer a freindly 
challenge to any who would come and perform either a hunting piece or a 
ghost story. I hope to see some of you there.
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