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I have kept silent on this topic so far, until Master Darius posted these

In Short I am an Ansteorran Bard. Always have been, always will be. If
flying the standard of the college of bards at my camp will encourage others
to stop by and share a song or verse and perhaps a dram or two in passing..
Wonderfull! If doing so means I am told I have to follow certain rules of
how a circle will be run or protocol among the bards before my tent... then
I simply won't fly the standard and you will all be welcome any way.

Thank you, Darius. You have put into words what I had been thinking in a
more eloquent manner and less defiant tone than my internal editor had yet

To the discussion of sashes/baldrics/favors/widgets/neon signs/whatever, I
will add that I am one of those who is unlikely to wear anything larger than
a *small* belt favor, or perhaps a *small* pin or badge; certainly nothing
so large as a baldric or sash. The reason? There are already so many
non-persona-appropriate SCA-isms hanging from my belt and around my neck
that I don't want to add any more. Besides, a large piece of light blue
fabric simply doesn't go with most of my garb. ;) Besides, although at 5' 9"
and 170 pounds I am nearly petite by SCA standards, I am nonetheless very
visible and don't really need much to draw attention. YMMV. I would,
however, happily fly a banner or standard indicating that my household's
camp is bard-friendly.

Lord Charles wrote:

Some of my less-pleasant bardic memories have little to do with bards
themselves. For a space of a few years, when I went to an event and found a
fire where bards were performing, or even where a bardic circle had been *
announced*, I would sit down and listen, maybe get to perform a piece...
...and then the belly dancers and their drummers would arrive and take it
over. No more bardic.

Now, I doubt any of our current ME dance community would do this today

For the most part, you are correct. However, I witnessed exactly that thing
happen this Beltain past, when a group of drummers started up while I was in
the midst of leading a small group of people in a sing-along not 15 feet
away. It was rather irksome, but still I bear said drummers no ill will.
Personally, some of my favorite event memories have occured as I flittered
back and forth between an active bardic circle and a hafla. I haven't had
that experience recently, but would love to again. Another favorite memory
of mine is when some drummers and dancers came to a bardic circle (I no
longer recall at what event) and instead of stepping all over it,
participated, both by taking up the beat when someone sang a song with a
steady rhythm, and by alternating with the bards: drumming and dancing for 5
or 10 minutes, followed by 3 or 4 bardic performances, and so on. I would
absolutely love to see more of that sort of thing. Add in some other
instrumental performers, and maybe a juggler or acrobat, and I'd be in
absolute bliss!

Anyway, my $0.02

Ld Grímólfr Einarsson
Bard of Loch Ruadh

Tip: If your comic book geek isn't loudly complaining about something, check
carefully - you might have blacked out and killed it.
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