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Just to restate what I already asked Brian (and as a general question), many
of those who enter the competition to be Kingdom Bard haven't had
instruction OR polish.  The fighting community will tell you (and me and
anyone else) that we don't get good enough to be a champion by sitting on
the sidelines and saying "Someday...".  
It may be that we're hooking too much into being a competitor.  I,
personally, am not a textbook example of a normal person entering a
competition.  My life is not on the line if I win or lose, my reputation
(hah!) is not going to send me slinking off into the caverns of iniquity if
someone is better than I am and wins the day.  I go into a competition with
the thrill of seeing other people who are trying very hard to do their very
best work on the spot, and I'm going to do the same.  I get to see moments
of magic and moments of hilarity (Elanor, when you came out and did "Always
the bridesmaid", I was in tears!).  I get to go up against that and if I
lose, I've lost to the best!  And I can live quite comfortably with that.
If I win?  I was at my best that day, and it was better than anyone else's,
that day.  I've never fooled myself into thinking that I'm the best bard
there is, I just have "on" moments.
In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am,
HL Gerald of Leesville
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Some of us simply lack the confidence to try for Kingdom Bard.  Like me, for
example.  I'm comfortable at the Baronial, Shire, Canton level.  But I don't
feel like I'm good enough to compete against many of the bards on this list.
I simply lack instruction and polish.  All I have is what I've put together
pretty much on my own.  And, quite frankly, I don't feel like it's enough to
be an honest competitor in something like the Eisteddfod.  That's a major
difference for people like me.


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On 10/27/06, Simone Ui'Dunlaingh 


When participation at Canton shire and Barnial bardics are greater and
more prestigious than the Kindom Estinfodd. we might want to look ast
ourselves and not outside our selves. I have seen Local Bardic 
competions sport 30+ participants regularly when we cant get that many
to show for kingdom..WHY? What is the diffrence? Why would a bard be
willing to compete at a local level and not kingdom? these I think are
the questions we  should ask.



     I think it's a valid point.  I certainly can think of several local
competitions that have more participation than Kingdom Eisteddfod.  So what
do we do to make  Kingdom Bard something that  more people want to strive
    For myself, I haven't entered in several years.  At this time in my life
I couldn't be the Bard that I think Ansteorra deserves, and I don't believe
that I should enter if I can't do justice to the position.  Being Kingdom
Bard is still one of my unfulfilled goals, but I won't go for it until I
feel I can do the job well.  I'm not entering local competitions either.  


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